LIFX and Yeti Using Smart Home Together

Yeti’s aiming in becoming among the finest smart residence apps to regulate your devices. Today we want to announce that Yeti is becoming an official spouse with LIFX so that you may use Yeti to control all of your LIFX lights.

At Yeti we are proud to announce that LIFX has joined the clever home Yeti official partner family. This implies that Yeti is becoming fully appropriate for LIFX lighting Gen2 and Gen3.

Assuming you have a LIFX wise light now you can control it using Yeti. Create charms, bedrooms and routines to experiment the best smart home experience.

LIFX are actually Wi-FI enabled led good lights which can be controlled without using a hub. They have a variety of lights including Color, White and Stripes and new lights are coming.

About LIFX

LIFX (pronounced LIFX-X) pioneered the sensible light on 2012 and is guided by a love for innovation, technology & mild. Headquartered in the center of Silicon Valley at Redwood Town, California, LIFX is a global brand founded in Melbourne Australia.

Every LIFX light uses Wi-Fi to get immersive color and automation to the house. Designed with all the technology and equipment required built-in. LIFX is ready to seamlessly integrate on its own with the smart home or stand it’s unique with the smooth LIFX iPhone app for Android, iOS and House windows 10.

Controlling LIFX lights with Yeti

Go to the Store and look for Yeti Smart Residence. Download and Set it up:

  • For Android
  • For iOS

Yeti has the ability to control your LIFX locally (LAN control) and by cloud.

Local Control

Once you install the app and create a merchant account, Yeti will scan your network seeking for your entire smart home gadgets, including LIFX. Towards the end of the method, you can start making use of your devices, turning on/off, establishing room, charms and routines. To get the best encounter with LIFX we recommend applying the cloud control.

Cloud Control

Controlling your lights without being on a single local network it’s practical because of the cloud control. Visit the configure company menu to check out the LIFX icon. Go through the connect choice and follow all steps to regulate your lights even though you aren’t in the home.

Yeti has become the official @LIFX partner. Superstar controlling all LIFX lighting with Yeti. See how to produce a routine to move on your lamps at sunrise or sunset and make charms to carefully turn off your lamps when you set off

LIFX and Yeti performing together

Enjoy the full potential of LIFX and Yeti with the addition of LIFX to the charms routines and bedrooms with all of those other smart home devices you have


Would you like to set up your devices with an individual tap? Creating charms you’ll be able to trigger specific behaviour which you have previously identified in the charm set up menu.

Now, you need to use the pre-identified charms that we’ve created for you. For example, the ‘leaving home’ attraction. Just before leaving residence, tap on the charm to carefully turn off all devices that put into Yeti.


We recommend using the ‘HELLO’ pre-defined routine, so your LIFX and all of those other smart home devices that you have will start at sunrise. That’s neat, isn’t it?

If you happen to prefer to create a customized routine you can also do this. Select a period and the units you intend to configure et voil.

Enjoy your LIFX lighting and the rest of your home with Yeti.