Remote Your Smart Light

The Internet of Things is everywhere, every day a growing number of products can hook up to the Internet and be ‘smart’ unlocking new skills and functionalities. In terms of good homes there are various applications of the IoT to your everyday objects such as smart lamps, switches, speakers, thermostats. In this article, we are going to talk about smart lighting and how exactly to use your mobile as a handy remote control.

Making your lights Smarter

Smart lights are lights that can connect to other units via WiFi or Bluetooth. The main good thing about having good lightning in your own home is you could control them without having to manually change them on or off.

Also you can unlock new features such as adjusting brightness and color or perhaps making them blink to the rhythm of your music.

Whenever choosing which bulb to buy to your residence there are various brands that offer a good solution. We are going to cover the main brands:

Philips Hue

They are the most popular lights available to buy in their own right. They will be easy to use: just have to screw them where your aged bulbs had been, plug in the Hue Bridge and hook up them.

The Philips Hue that people love are:

  • White ambiance Starter Kit
  • White and Color Atmosphere A19
  • GO Smart Light Table Lamp

Kasa is the name of the smart residence products of Tp-Hyperlink. These lights differ from other in the actual fact that they do not desire a hub to get controlled; they connect right to your WiFi. Should you be interested in Tp-Link lighting, you should check:

  • Kasa Smart Multicolor
  • Kasa Smart Turnable Light LB120
  • Yeelight

The Chinese company Xiaomi is in the smart light market with Yeelight. They also don’t desire a hub and they give over ten items: from lights and light strips to table and ceiling smart lighting. We suggest you to check out:

  • Yeelight Smart LED Light bulb
  • Yeelight Light Strip


LIFX (pronounced life-x) started back 2012 when they launched the primary ever multicolored LED Wi-Fi light. Nowadays they offer 12 items in over 80 countries without the need of utilizing a Hub.

They have white and colored bulbs like everybody else but they also give a couple of interesting lights as:

  • LIFX Tile
  • LIFX Z Strip
  • LIFX Beam

Ikea Trofri

The Swedish company Ikea in addition has launched their own Intelligent Lightning line called Trofri. These bulbs give an affordable option for your Wise Home. They work connected to a Hub and there will vary products.

Turning your phone in a distant light controller

Each brand have their private smartphone app to regulate their lights but if you wish to regulate bulbs from unique brands you’ll have to have several software installed and continually switch between them to carefully turn on and off your lights and also to be honest which can be quite annoying. To resolve that difficulty we launched a couple years back Yeti. It is obtainable in both systems you can download it below:

  • Yeti for iOS
  • Yeti for Android

With Yeti it is possible to control plenty of smart residence devices, create routines and charms to automate your house. However in this post we are going to give attention to the lights control.

Once you have your different bulbs linked and Yeti previously installed on your own phone, let’s see how you may control your lights.

In this screen, you’ll see all of your connected devices. It works as the main hub to regulate your lights remotely because you can flip them on / off from here. Also you can group them by bedrooms; that way you only need to tap on the room icon to control it.

If you press the light widget for a couple of seconds you’ll get in to the control panel of the light bulb. The first display screen that you’ll see may be the brightness one. In this article you can adapt the lighting of your light just by swiping the bar up and down to your wanted level.

In the event that you swipe to the proper you’ll enter the colour menu. You can change the colour of your light bulb (if it supports it) and Yeti may also select complementary colorings for an instant access.

The next screen may be the warmth menu. If you would like your light to be white colored here you can adapt its temperature from a nice yellowish to a colder blue.

Within the last menu you will see some cool tricks for your smart light:

  • Blinking: you can make your light blink with distinct speed!
  • Loop Colours: make your light change of color quickly and create the perfect ambient.
  • Magic Wand: flip your lights on/off just like you had been a wizard, simply point your mobile to the bulb!

There are two functionalities that will help to remote control your lights that people still haven’t discussed t: charms and routines.

On the still left of the house screen you will see the charms panel.

Work with your charms to create with your favourite options for your lighting and automate the control over your home with just one single tap. For example, you can create a attraction that turns your house’s lights off and turns the access light one when you go out. The possibilities are endless!

And finally important we’ve the routines. You may make Yeti control your lighting and units for you which means you won’t forget to carefully turn the lights off before sleeping again.

Final Thoughts

Smart home lights are actually a thing that will change just how we reside in our residences and with software like Yeti, your home will be smarter every day. This is only the start of a new era.